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Services + Rates


Individual Therapy:

Therapy is a relationship where you can share the things that you are unable to share with others in your life; about current situations, your past, and concerns about the future. A therapist will listen and provide insight and validation. You and your therapist will identify the issues you want to address and set agreed-upon goals. 


Together we will work to meet those goals through talking, therapeutic interventions, and learning new skills.

Group Therapy + Skills Training: Virtual 

Groups! That sounds scary! Well, it can be uncomfortable like anything new. Effort + Ease has trained clinicians that are experienced in facilitating therapeutic groups. Through structure and support groups can be a vital component of treatment + healing.

What to expect: Clear rules + limits. An agenda. Space to share if you choose. Feedback. Education + Information on coping skills. 

Mindset Coaching: Virtual 

Life coaching is growing in popularity but is a largely unregulated service. Life coaches are unlicensed and many do not have formalized education. Not to say there aren’t great Life Coaches. It is hard to know how to vet and pick a competent Life Coach.


Therapy is focused on distressing + disruptive emotional + behavioral issues. Many times therapy leads back to the past. Life coaching is focused more on changing the current circumstances + achieving personal goals. With that said, there is a lot of overlap. In explaining the difference it easy to see how the two can be similar in experience. 


Mindset Coaching is a coaching service provided by a licensed healthcare professional. A service not covered by insurance, not following the therapeutic process, focused on change + goals, with the added benefit of therapist’s insights. 


Mindset Coaching is not limited to the state of Michigan or a specific insurance network.

Social Justice, Mental Health, + Trauma-Informed Training

Effort + Ease has facilitators trained+ experienced in the art of educating + navigating difficult dialogue.


Individual Therapy

Group Therapy & Mindset Coaching

Social Justice, Mental Health + Trauma-Informed Training

Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network.

Session Rate: $100-$145
Inital Assessments: $150-$180

Contact Jo & schedule a call to learn more information.

Contact Jo & schedule a call to learn more information.

Sliding Scale: Yes

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