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Meet the Therapists

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Jo Richardson, LMSW

Hello! I am Jo Richardson LMSW, I  have been serving the community, working with those that have experienced trauma, since 2008. I graduated with my master's degree from the University of Michigan's School of Social Work in 2012. 


For the entirety of my career, I have worked with individuals that have experienced trauma and the most vulnerable populations. Helping others to heal themselves from some of the most horrific experiences. This work continues to be something that humbles me. I am truly honored to do this work. 


I have been trained in several evidence-based practices including Dialectical Behavior Therapy: DBT (3 years of post-graduate training) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: MBST, Prolonged Exposure Therapy: PET, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy: CPT for PTSD. I am also a trauma-informed yoga teacher.


I have served as an educator, facilitator, and supervisor. I have provided training and workshops at the local, state, and national levels on the topics of social justice, trauma, and intersectionality. 


I have lived experiences that add to my understanding of the complexities that impact mental health. I am neurodivergent (ADHD), have struggled with depression, and I am also a  survivor of trauma, and I live with chronic health conditions (autoimmune diseases.)


My wife and I were married during quarantine in 2020 after ten years together. We have an adult daughter and are certified "dog people" with a pack of 3.   


I practice yoga and meditate, I enjoy long-distance cycling, live music, gardening, and writing, and I am an avid reader. 


My therapeutic style is rooted in the belief that the therapeutic relationship can be one of the most transformational relationships in someone's life. It is a relationship between equals, where the therapist is a compassionate clinical observer and guide.


As a therapist, I work to build strong relationships rooted in trust. I provide education to deepen your understanding of your mind and body. I provide unwavering support and objective feedback. I will teach you new skills and tools to cope more effectively.


Bonnie M. Griffin, LLMSW

I have been serving my community for the past 13 years working in a variety of settings and populations including adults, children and families with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities. I am also a doula and herbalist and mother of two daughters. My current therapy focus is serving women and mothers who are navigating  fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and postpartum phases of their lives. I also am a knowledgeable therapist for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) population. 


Tanya Roe, LMSW

I have been working in the mental health field for over fifteen years. I have worked with many different age ranges, mental health needs and diverse populations.  Helping people recognize their strengths and abilities is what drives my passion to do this work.  My goal is to help empower you to make the changes that you want to make in your life.

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Tianna Stehle, LMSW

Hi- I’m Tianna. My goal and passion as a therapist is to help you create the best version of yourself. I’m here to help you navigate for a better today and future.


My background includes working with survivors of trauma, children and families with severe and persistent mental illness as well as children who navigate the struggles of school. With my diverse background I want to make sure diversity is included so no matter what your background or need is, you’re welcome here.


This is your journey and you deserve to make the best of it.

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Liz Phillips, LMSW

Not to sound kitschy or cliché but life is full of moments that take our breath away and not always in a good way. It is said we must know pain to know joy but this does not make the pain any less painful. Sometimes joy can seem so foreign we begin to question its existence. I will not guarantee the emergence of joy after working with me but I can offer a break from the solitude of carrying it all alone. There is no easy way to ask for help, to bare ourselves to another person, be vulnerable, and do the work of self-discovery, self-love, and self-awareness but it is almost always worth it. If you’re reading this, stop, and pat yourself on the back, you have gotten this far! I would be honored to walk with you and show up for you in whatever ways you need; which we will uncover together.


A bit about me; I received my undergraduate degree (in Social Work) from U of M and my Master of Social Work (MSW) from Michigan State. I was a non-traditional student aka living some life before deciding to go back to school was something I was interested in. I worked in helping professions while I went back to school to attain the above-mentioned degrees; before that, I was the one needing help. I have been working in the field of individual therapy since graduating in 2014.


I believe in educating and providing skills. I feel if we know what is going on behind the scenes (in our brains, often on a neurobiological level) it becomes a little easier to have compassion for ourselves and make a tangible plan of how to move forward. Within the realm of clinical therapy, there is often a hyper-focus on the mind. To provide the most comprehensive care, I bring attention to the mind-body connection. People are unique and that individuality is important and honored when working with me. I operate always, from evidenced-based practice modalities, with the relationship between myself and you at the center. I can have all the training in the world but if we don’t have relationship and trust the information will not be received. And to steal a line from my dear friend and colleague ‘I will not ask you to do anything I haven’t done.’ I will show up authentically and I ask that you do your best to do the same. Everything else, we can work on. If you are interested in hearing more, maybe doing some work, and trying this relationship on please just reach out; we can build up from there.

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Melissa Healey, LMSW

Melissa Healey is a licensed clinical social worker. She is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) and fluent in American Sign Language. Her approach to treatment involves a blend of evidence-based, solution-focused therapies alongside mind-body wellness practices. Where indicated, she teaches her clients a range of holistic techniques toward somatic healing such as breath-work, mindfulness, and body awareness. With her clients' strengths and interests in mind, she incorporates lessons, skills, and strategies of evidence-based therapies to empower her clients on their journey to wellness.

Melissa has over ten years of clinical experience working with families, children, and adults from diverse backgrounds challenged with a wide range of mental health issues, ACEs (adverse childhood experiences), and life stressors. She provides targeted mental health interventions for individuals, youth and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. She believes in providing compassionate, strength-based therapies while working in tandem with her clients to develop sustainable strategies to increase overall mental wellness.

Melissa specializes in working with clients with financial concerns, anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD, trauma, PTSD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and postpartum depression. In addition to working with Deaf individuals and CODAS (Children of Deaf Adults), she works with their hearing family members (siblings, parents, significant others). She works with members of the LGBTQA+ and BIPOC communities as well.

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