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Effort + Ease is devoted to providing equitable, effective, + compassionate mental healthcare + interpersonal support to all people, with the awareness that our unique identity impacts our experience of the world. Effort + Ease pledges to honor every individual's experience + story. 

Individual Therapy: Virtual

Group Therapy + Skills Training: Virtual

Mindset Coaching: Virtual

Social Justice, Mental Health, + Trauma-Informed Training

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Effort + Ease is dedicated to consistently providing Welcoming + Respectful services to all people of every race, ethnicity, spirituality, gender identity + expression, sexual orientation, disability status, diagnosis, or criminal history.

Effort + Ease has a simple vision, to grow + expand beyond where we are beginning. A vision that builds upon the mission + to be able to reduce suffering within our communities.


  • Trauma ​

  • Stress  Management

  • Anxiety + Depression

  • Grief + Loss

  • Chronic Illness + Chronic Pain

  • Mood Disorders

  • Personality Disorders

  • Sexual Health & Intimacy Issues

  • Polyamory/Non-monogamous Relationships

  • Non-Faith-Based Coping

  • Alternative Beliefs,  Spirituality,  Purpose + Meaning Making 

  • Eating and Body Image

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Substance Use + Recovery

  • Technology  Addiction

  • Compulsive Behaviors

  • Behavior Changes

"The moment has come to start down the path of healing, it may seem overwhelming but the time will pass either way."

Meet the Therapists

Jo Headshot 1.JPEG

Jo Richardson, LMSW

Owner/Clinical Therapist

20220430_125844 (1).jpg

Liz Phillips, LMSW
Clinical Therapist

Specialities: EMDR, Mindfulness, Chronic Illness


Bonnie M. Griffin, LLMSW
Clinical Therapist, Doula & Herbalist

Specialities: Doula and Herbalist


Tanya Roe, LMSW
Clinical Therapist


Tianna Stehle, LMSW
Clinical Therapist

Specialities: Adolescents

Melissa H. 2.jpg

Melissa Healey, LMSW
Clinical Therapist

Specialities: Postpartum Depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD

White Sand and Stone

"To me, a therapist is a breathing, walking library. Because of the nature of the work, what makes it's transformative, is a therapist hears all that is unspeakable + sees the parts of a person that are not shareable. We see and hear all darkest + scariest truths -with love + kindness. 

We are secret keepers, witnesses, + containers for all things that people are exhausted from carrying alone.

I am a living library because I carry all of these stories with me and I am changed by each, as much as they may be changed by me."
- Jo Richardson, LMSW

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